We offer:

Food hygiene training for retailer and catering industries .

Food safety training, to those in food processing, retail and catering industries .

Specialized training to laboratory personnel in the analytical and food industries.

We keep abreast of changes in testing and the food industry.

Examples of issues supported by IFS Consulting


Need expert advice before you purchase/use/design analytical or food processing resources/equipment/facility?

Your organisation would like to recruit a specialist in the analytical field/food processing industry but don't have the technical background to interview the person (s).

Starting up and/or refurbishing/renovating a food processing facility or a laboratory, and need technical advice/assistance?

Need assistance with trouble-shooting a process, instrumentation or product non-conforming issues?

Your organisation would like to validate an analytical method or production process.

Are you planning to achieve ISO certification/accreditation?

Your organisation needs a 3rd party for internal audits or preparation for an external audit.

Your organisation needs documents developed, reviewed in relation to compliance of a specific standard or industry practice.

Technical staff at your institution needs training on food handling/processing, hygiene or analytical test work.

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